Happy Friday, lovelies! I am super excited because this weekend I am seeing all the beautiful, lovely, and wise women you see in these photos: my bridal brigade! What's a bridal brigade you ask? I learned the term from my all time fave wedding website, A Practical Wedding. Your bridal brigade is the ladies who aren't necessarily in the bridal party, but are there for every step along the way; help you when you need it, are there for midnight panic attacks, and only want to be there, happy, and dance with you on that special day. These ladies are my besties, and though we may not always see each other as much as we like, I love them all dearly and I am so excited to celebrate my bachelorette-hood at Dos Caminos this weekend! And of course, a giant shout out to the best Maid of Honor ever: my co-Lovely partner! She's been there for both Eric and I since day one, and I couldn't plan this wedding without her! What are you all doing this weekend? Shopping? Seeing gal pals? Movies? (Bridesmaids?!) Do share!

Me, Astrid, Steph, and Taylor at my bridal shower.

Melissa and I in the city a few years ago...I was apparently rocking the faux leather jacket (with the sleeves rolled up?)

Lisa and I a few summers ago; she's doing my makeup for the wedding!


  1. Yay!! Have a great weekend with your bridal brigade! I'm spending the weekend with my two sisters, mom and grandmother and we're making flower arrangements (perks to using fake flowers!). Have a fun-time weekend!

  2. Awesome, I'm using fakes also, and it does make things so much easier! Have fun!!